Fundamentals about the PS4 pro hard drive upgrade

The current generation of games consoles consists of the Microsoft Xbox 360 released November 2005, the Sony PlayStation 3 and also the Nintendo Wii both introduced November 2006. Whilst the Wii provides an extra basic spec than its rivals, the Xbox and also PS3 are both at the cutting side of video games gaming console technology. From both the PS3 is regarded as one of the most technically progressed, yet exactly what can we eagerly anticipate with its follower? Anticipated around 2011 and also more than likely called the PlayStation 4, what can we expect in regards to technological advancements compared with the present generation console? In a previous article we handled the major processor as well as the major memory specs. In this short article we will cover the graphics CPU and incorporated hard drive. The optical media drive, control and also connection attributes will be covered in a succeeding write-up.

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Initially we turn to the graphics CPU. Just like the main processor, the PS3’s NVIDIA RSX ‘Truth Synthesizer’ graphics chip is more than capable of managing present demands. Seeing that the existing cpu is based on NVIDIA’s 7800 computer graphics card I would certainly expect the PS4’s graphics cpu to be based on the firms line up at the time of growth, therefore providing a boost in performance over its predecessor but with a marginal development spending plan. The DDR3 RAM memory made use of currently is still thought about a high-end product in the computer world and because of this I would certainly anticipate this to either stay or be changed by XDR kind memory as used generally Cell Processor. Whichever sort of memory is utilized I would anticipate a rise in complete capacity to at least 512MB and potentially 1GB as this is becoming a standard quantity amongst high end graphics cards. This ideology falls neatly in accordance with that of the Cell Processor in establishing existing technology. See this here for more information.

When it come to a replacement for the current consoles integrated hard drive, I would certainly anticipate the PS4 to utilize a solid state drive for its storage space, with its ability surpassing the current optimum 160GB thus far seen in the PS3. This additional capacity would mirror the enhancing demand for high-def and downloadable web content and the extra storage room that this determines. Strong state drives are at the minute relatively expensive but have seen a stable surge in their usage in the residential personal computer market. A 250GB solid state drive retails for around ₤ 520 or $700 presently however similar to all points technology related I would certainly anticipate their ability to increase and also the cost to drop at a rapid price as the modern technology comes to be a lot more preferred and also production can benefit from economic climates of range as well as research and development expenses are re-paid. By the time of the PS4’s launch in two-to-three years time the innovation must be available at a reasonable price for incorporation in the brand-new device. A strong state drive additionally has no moving in components like a standard disk drive, the mechanical parts of which operate in fairly an extreme environment. This implies a much higher level of reliability for both the individual and Sony with a cost benefit in regards to reduce numbers of guarantee claims for disk drive failings.