Things to Consider when Choosing Your Utility Audit Service

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Has your organization decided to have a utility bill checkup? This summary outlines what you need to consider when choosing an audit company. There are lots of types of utility bill audits. Be sure your company is getting yours from a seasoned audit company and the audit will be comprehensive.

What Experience Can The Audit Team Have?

An audit service hong kong should have five or more years of experience. They ought to be comfortable in handling the programs offered in many states. This is particularly important if your company operates in a number of states. The audit firm must keep up-to-date with the particulars of each state’s programs, which change regularly. For instance a few countries include a review of invoices going back for 4 decades, though most states only include 3 decades of history. Some countries include churches, 501(c)(3) organizations, and veterans groups, while other states only include churches in the retrieval of telecom, water, sewer, and waste disposal overcharges.

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How Is Your Audit?

Make sure you are getting an extensive audit. Will the audit firm analyze all utility services such as electrical, gas, water, sewer, and waste disposal in addition to all telecom services like telephone, internet, and cable? Some companies specialize in audits of telecom providers only. Other companies only review the sales and use taxes levied by the utility and telecom supplier. While yet other companies will only audit gas and electric usage. You would like to select a business that will review all telecom and utility services which are eligible on your state.

Does The Size Or Location Of Your Organization Matter?

Some utility bill Audit companies just work with larger clients, such as those with utility bills of $10,000 or more per month. There are other audit businesses which work with any size company from the little church on the corner into a large manufacturing company with facilities in several states. If your organization is advised that they are not eligible for an audit, then find out why. It can indicate that the audit firm is better suited to work with associations that are bigger or smaller than yours. It could also mean they are not present on all of the available programs in your state. If your size or location is the reason, find another utility bill audit firm.

Firms specialize in various facets of the utility enterprise. For industrial associations, some companies will go onsite and do an in-depth review of the energy efficiency of a facility. These payroll service provider hong kong can be costly and take up the company’s staff time. Additionally the resulting recommendations may include capital expenditures in your part. Other firms connect you to other energy providers. This is available as a choice in states where electricity and / or gas services are deregulated. Some companies make their money in the selling of energy-efficient gear and include a utility bill audit as a lead generator.